Reign The Finale: “All it Cost Her” – Surreal yet So Real

It took me almost a week to finally have the strength to write about Reign’s finale. It broke my heart so much I didn’t want to believe it finally ended.

Personally, I still think the ending seemed rushed. There were a lot of questions left unanswered, or facts monarchy fans anticipated to be shown such as the Anglo-Spanish War, Charles’ wedding to Marie Elisabeth (real-life wife), whatever happened to Catherine, Bothwell and Mary’s wedding and most importantly, the events that led to Mary’s beheading.

But the real cherry on top was how, despite the rather depressing tragic ending of this history, the writers gave us a little bit of the “fiction” in historical fiction.

============================SPOILERS AHEAD=============================

We don’t really know for sure how Mary’s life started on the other side but seeing her being awakened in bed, with Francis (YES I KNOW FRANCIS IT GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS AND I LITERALLY CRIED) beside her, it was, in a way, a good way to end the series.

I don’t know ’bout you but the way Francis stared at Mary’s eyes, their gentle nose-to-nose gesture, and how Francis seemed to have never changed (his love for Mary), it was surreal yet so real. I felt how genuine their love is for one another and that after everything that has happened, in the end, it’s still the two of them together.

To make us feel the love and warmth of the finale, the writers decided to reward us by using a lovely song by The Lumineers – My Eyes. Now, every time I hear it on my playlist, I couldn’t help but associate it with Mary and Francis’ love story and the tears just won’t stop.

As the song continues to play, the remaining minutes take us into Mary’s pivotal moments in her life: the dance where Francis first fell in love with her, their wedding, coronation, taking back Scotland, her baby James, and so much more. It was nostalgic, to say the least. You can’t imagine how tragic Mary’s life was yet they somehow made it as if it was, in a way, a happy ending. And I’m grateful for that.

At first, when rumors went rampant that we could be seeing Francis in the last episode I was ecstatic. I had a theory that during Mary’s beheading (like the middle of the 1st and 2nd blow), she would be hallucinating that Francis’ was there (since the actual beheading had 3 blows before Mary’s head totally separated from her body). Now, I’m actually thankful that they made it like that.

If you haven’t watched the series finale, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life and not watching it. Seriously, just go and see for yourself.


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