Hidden But Never Forgotten

The search for every nook and cranny at Makati Cinema Square has been halted. It’s official: Bebop Records has been found.

For a long time now, I have been looking for shops that sell old vinyl records near my location. As it is, there were a lot scattered all over the country but luck was on my side as I came across this tiny shop all the way at the bottom of Makati Cinema Square (MCS).

Truth was, as I was searching for record stores, I already knew there was one in MCS, I just didn’t know where exactly it was located. But finally, the search is over, I finally found it!

When they said Bebop Records have almost anything and everything, I was hesitant to believe it. But as I was browsing old vinyl records, I did realize ‘Wow, they really do have one of the widest collections’. It was a feat trying to find cheap but definitely authentic vinyl records, and I wasn’t able to do so but the next time I visit, I’ll definitely ask.

From Aerosmith to Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder to Ramones and even our very own Dina Bonnevie and Sharon Cuneta, it was an overwhelming sight, partnered with the old musky smell of antique and mild dust covering the entire place, but it was worth the visit. I might have had mild allergies (I’m a liiiiiiitle bit allergic to dust) but the happiness upon seeing actual vintage goods was priceless and memorable enough for me to ignore my small sniffles.

They’re also kind enough to play the records you found, using awesome turntables (who might not be vintage but still, it’s a turntable!). I was lucky enough to experience a playing one (the other customer was a regular and so the shopkeeper joked around them saying to play whatever they were supposed to be buying) during my visit since I was too shy to ask them to play mine (I was carrying a Stevie Wonder: Hotter than July record).

My visit wasn’t entirely that long since my lunch break was almost over and I had to go back to work. Also, I didn’t bring enough cash with me but when I come back, I’d definitely spend a lot, knowing there’s a legit record store near my working place.

The only problem I now have to face is find a perfectly working turntable (whether Crosley or Audio Technica, or even an authentic vintage one) that is not that pricey, which is probably an impossible feat.



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