Riverdale: Fashionably Mysterious

Riverdale, a Netflix series based loosely on the characters of Archie comics but far from how the comics were written, took the storm the first week it aired. I, for one, honestly did not watch the series right away like everyone else’s but this long weekend gave me time to catch up on its episodes. So, yeah, I’m proud to say that I am pretty much updated with what’s happening.

I was planning to watch Riverdale soon as I learned Cole Sprouse was gonna be in it. But, I don’t have the perfect excuse why I did not. Anyway, past is past and here I am about to review some parts of Riverdale’s Season 1 and, come on, the main thing: Veronica Lodge’s character and her chic and classic style. This post is mainly about my personal thoughts and opinions though, so it’s predominantly “no-one-asked-for-it” type.

Season 1 was basically trying to wrap everyone’s head around the mystery that is Jason Blossom’s murder. Several people have been named as prime suspects and doors are still getting opened to numerous plots. I, for one, do like this kind of shenanigan, but at the back of my head, I couldn’t help but compare it to Pretty Little Liars. The murder, the mystery, who killed Jason, who plotted against who, yada yada. It does suck you in, however. No matter how much roller coaster these types of series are, or how dark and annoying it could get because it always has the same cycle over and over again, you still get reeled in it. But for real though, who killed Jason? I have a few guesses, but I ain’t tellin’ you (’cause this isn’t Reddit lmao).

But Riverdale is damn one heck of a ride. I want to talk about the love stories (let’s leave the dark side later or on a different blog post). When Betty Cooper broke down while listening to Archie Andrews’ recent song, I found myself feeling every bit of her emotion. It felt I was her at that moment and it didn’t even help I feel like I’m more of a Betty than a Veronica (which I absolutely hate coz I loooooooove Veronica to bits. She can be such a snarky bitch y’know). All my life, everyone around me always said I was the nice girl, the goody two shoes who followed the rules. And when I do start acting out of their perception, they see it and they panic a little inside, thinking that I’m on some kind of a rebel stage. Which I’m not. I simply like to twist some stuff instead of being plain old and boring. And that’s what I see with Betty. Even her issues (balling up her fists and nails digging her skin and making her bleed — I don’t bleed though so you can all chill haha), I relate to Betty on a whole level. What made me really feel one with her was that moment, seeing her break down in front of Archie made me look back on the times I almost broke down in front of someone special.

The transition from her love interest with Archie took such a speeding train that one minute she’s still hurting for Archie and the next she’s sucking faces with Jughead. I don’t mind though, it only says that the series ain’t focusing on love but other stuff, too. But when Jughead kissed Betty, I instantly felt all kinds of butterflies in my stomach. I can’t say the same for Veronica and Archie though. My mind can’t wrap around the fact that Veronica and Archie is a thing. Wasn’t it supposed to be a Betty and Archie thing? Again, I loooooove Veronica but I don’t know why I can’t seem to approve of their relationship.

But when all is said and done, can we now please talk about Veronica Lodge’s sense of style? Like that girl is trés chic! I love that girl so much! She’s snarky, she’s bitchy and she has uber sense of style, come on! The girl is a triple threat! Her attitude is a go-getter, one that I myself aspire to and she’s such a strong female character in the series. Betty is a strong character in her own right (taking the lead on the Jason Blossom case with Jughead) but relating to Veronica is a whole new level. I should be more like her (I have the wardrobe to look the part anyway). And I guess, I’m starting a bit to be like her, I’m snarky and bitchy when I have to be. After all, you always have two sides of the story. I can be both Betty and Veronica.

With that said, I can’t wait for the last two episodes of Riverdale and if we are ever gonna know who killed Jason (and get more fashionspiration from Veronica).


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