See How Hard Work is Paid Off

February 26, 2017.

The first time I truly felt I was an adman was on that day, the 26th of February. And the year is 2017. It was my first ever TVC shoot.

You might say it shouldn’t be a big deal, seeing as I didn’t even do anything prior to that moment. You might also say I shouldn’t be talking about this since it has been almost two months since it happened. But the experience it gave me, it was truly memorable. I got to see how hard work is paid, how determination and love of craft unfolded in front of my very eyes. I got to see how everyone slaved the whole day, I got fed with almost an unlimited stock of food, I got to see directors doing their magic, actors and actresses showing their charm and photographers commanding the room. It was something I’ve always imagined. It was surreal. It was, almost, love at first sight.

Yes, the commercial wasn’t something I wrote. Yes, my boss just had me on-board. But I was truly thankful. From the way the camera rolled its first take, to the way the director yelled “and, cut!”, it was something I’ve wanted. And I was really grateful, like I couldn’t even begin to think how thankful I am for this chapter of my life. I am doing great, I have a job that I didn’t feel like crap waking up to a corporate life, a job that doesn’t even feel like I’m working and great colleagues. It was everything I could ever hope for.

Last week, on Wednesday (Holy Wednesday, to be exact, the client planned to release their digital ad on a Holy Week, mind you), we and the client decided to release the digital ad before the first official nationwide TV ad two weeks after. The response was overwhelming with almost 415k views, 225 shares and 4.5k likes/reactions to date. It was one of our client’s greatest accomplishments in this country.

Now, after almost two months, we’re only waiting for its debut in Philippine TV, all of us at the edge of our seats. We hope, no matter how much this gave us a headache, it’ll all be worth it in the end.


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