Reign S03E05 Killed Your Heart.

End of Story.



Of course, I’m kidding. To all those who have seen the episode 5, you would know why I said it was the end of story. For those who haven’t, I suggest you watch it now.

==Spoilers Ahead!==

I didn’t watch Episode 5 right away, I was busy with life, just so you know lol. But, it didn’t skip past me that there was something tragic that happened in it. I refused to look at social media just to keep myself safe from any spoilers the mighty Internet could offer until I watched it with my own two eyes. After watching, I can only describe it in one word: heartbreaking.

From the last episode, we see Delphine being asked to do whatever in her power to revive the King of France and it ended there. We had hope that in the next episode, we’d be seeing the King at least one or two more episodes before he actually dies. What we didn’t know is that the writers planned to toy with our fragile hearts and kill the King after just a day or two. Or in our terms, the next episode.

Episode 5 was a huge rollercoaster of emotions. We felt how real Mary and Francis’ love story in this historical fiction is. We knew how Francis loved Mary ever since and we knew Mary would do anything for him as well. Their surprise trip to Paris was actually one of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever watched in Reign, with Mary asking to halt their trip and take a dip in the lake. It felt like they were in their second honeymoon and most important of all, you never had an inkling of what could and will happen. After all, Catherine did say the illness changed Francis and that he seemed brighter, more alive than he had ever been. Francis wanted to spend every waking hour with Mary and that itself was a very powerful thing for a Monarch like him. Really, you didn’t expect the tragedy.

Until Mary got kidnapped while getting their basket of food in their carriage. Francis felt something yet he didn’t know what it was until he heard Mary whimpering. It was intense and I couldn’t take my eyes off of what’s happening. I felt like I was part of the story. It made me angry how the assassinators wounded Francis and I was like “STOP YOU’RE KILLING HIM” or “HIS EAR INFECTION COULD COME BACK YOU DOOFUS” but my screaming was futile. It didn’t help him, nor his guards. Not even Mary.

The recovery from his ear infection was pleasant, giving Francis what we know a 2nd chance at life. He planned to make the most out of it, but we didn’t know this happiness would really be short-lived. It is the hardest slap in our faces because the writers had us believe that Francis could still be alive after Delphine’s miraculous work. He only lived a day or two to make his wife, and Queen, happy.

Looking at the bigger picture, I couldn’t really blame the writers for killing Francis. He had been alive for too long that people had doubts whether this series was really a historical one or more of a historical fiction. It was saddening to even know that in the real history of Mary’s life, Francis did die of an ear infection after a year of marriage with her, with no children of their own. Of course, I would be one of the people wishing that the writers could have at least made Francis live longer, without altering the history, since this is still a work of fiction.

I can’t wait for the next episode which will air tomorrow (or later in US time). I wonder how will everything progress since for 2 seasons and 5 episodes, we have constantly seen the strongest love story of the medieval world. That and the fact that it was solely built on Mary’s life in France, I wonder how the writers will give life to Mary’s brutal, unfair and tragic life after her French reign. She would need to go back to Scotland ultimately, where Protestantism has flourished. I wonder how will they make the next episodes compelling enough to lure in viewers who were honestly only there for the Frary ship? Or what even happened to Lady Kenna who hasn’t even had screen time ever since Season 3 has started? I am also curious on Leith and Princess Claude’s blossoming love story. Ah, so many questions, no answers yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and watch the remainder of the season to get at least half, or if we’re lucky, all of the answers.

How did you cope with your emotions? Tell me what you have felt below!


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