Abnormal Summit — Changing Your Views on Different Countries

I, myself, love to read. There’s nothing that would beat the scent of old books filling your nostrils, or the crisp sound of flipping a page. Reading a very nice book and having a cup of coffee on a quiet Saturday is one of the world’s greatest weekend pleasures. However, there are times that I honestly can’t seem to open a book because 1) I am too tired to move my body, 2) too lazy to actually move and/or 3) all those words cramped page by page is making me lose my sanity. There are times that you just want to find a good show where you can learn while at the same time have fun and Abnormal Summit gives you exactly that.

I can’t remember when I actually knew about the show. It’s just that one day I find myself downloading one episode and then I got sucked in it.

Abnormal Summit (AS or 비정상회담 in Hangul), a Korean TV talk/debate show follows the traditional format for summits where each participating country discusses vital issues and forms an agreement or solution for such problems. However, in this case, AS looked for several representatives or foreigners who have nothing to do with their respective governments and had them tackle different issues which are usually the current issues, those submitted by bothered Korean citizens all over the country or personal issues of the guest himself all while giving everyone a good laugh. You can say that the primary reason for laughing are the three MCs namely Jeon Hyun Moo, Yoo Se Yoon and Sung Si Kyung who mediate any arising quarrels within the G12 (formerly  G11) or Global 12 whilst stating their own opinions.

 AS 3MCs

These three guys are responsible for a light-hearted talkshow despite clashing personalities and tackling serious issues. (From left to right: Chairman Jeon Hyun Moo, Secretary General Yoo Se Yoon and Chairman Sung Si Kyung). Not only do these three MCs create the lighthearted atmosphere but the G11 representatives do also give their fair share of comedic acts and, of course, opinions.

AS samSam Okyere – Ghana Representative

 AS Alberto Mondi Alberto Mondi – Italy Representative

AS Zhang YuanZhang Yuan – China Representative

 AS Enes Kaya Enes Kaya – Turkey Representative

AS Robin DeianaRobin Deiana – France Representative

 AS Julian Quintart Julian Quintart – Belgium Representative

AS DanielDaniel Snoeks – Australia Representative

AS Takuya Takuya Terada – Japan Representative

AS Guillaume PatryGuillaume Patry – Canada Representative

AS Tyler Rasch Tyler Rasch – United States Representative

James Hooper – United Kingdom Representative AS James Hooper

However, on its 5th episode, James left the show to pursue his PhD and had Daniel Lindemann from Germany replace him.

AS Daniel Lindemann Daniel replaces James on Abnormal Summit’s 5th episode.

Daniel Snoeks and Enes Kaya both also left the show that same year (2014) with Daniel returning to his studies in Australia and Enes being involved in a scandal (which was thoroughly denied but left the show to not cause damages).

Three new visiting representatives will become a fixed cast on the show resulting to a change from G11 to G12.

AS Blair Williams Blair Williams – Australia Representative

AS Sujan ShakyaSujan Shakya – Nepal Representative

AS Ilya Belyakov Ilya Belyakov – Russia Representative

However, after only a few months, it has been reported that six members (including the three above) will be leaving the show.

AS leaving cast

From left to right, top: Julian Quintart, Robin Deiana, Takuya Terada

From left to right, bottom: Blair Williams, Ilya Belyakov and Sujan Shakya.

The show’s promise is to deliver new perspectives of different countries and so, they will be adding another 6 members to give a new flavor for the viewers.

AS new cast

From left to right, top: Andreas Varsakopoulos – Greece, Nikolai Johnsen – Norway, Przemysław Krompiec – Poland

From left to right, bottom: Carlos Gorito – Brazil, SM Rookies’ Yuta – Japan, Sami Rashad El-Baz- Egypt

The only thing that makes this different from the other talk/debate shows everywhere is that these foreigners know the Korean language by heart, and some, like Tyler and Daniel, know more words than the traditional Korean citizen. How can you not get awed watching these grown men debating in a language so far from their own?

Unexpectedly, watching AS gives you that feeling of hitting two birds with one stone. You get to learn different cultures, the youth’s perspective, get to feel intellectually-rich for a night and get a good laugh at the G12 and the MCs’ antics. This show has truly been one of the best well-thought out shows that ever existed.


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