OTWOL Ruined Your Night, Yes, Everybody Else’s too.

Were you able to watch last night’s back to back episode of heartache starting from Kathryn’s improved acting and Nadine’s heartbreaking hugot? If not, I need you to watch it for your sake. It is an on-going all-around swirling of emotions that for the first time, you will thank the commercial break for existing.

 It is Monday night and all you want to do is snuggle up in bed after a long day of Monday sickness at work, attempting to catch up with the teleseryes of ABS-CBN when you realize that this night would be a disaster. I am making this post in an attempt to get a hold of my sanity for the entire day as last night’s episode surely wrecked my poor heart. 💔

Now, if you’ve watched the episode, (yes, go make an account in IWanTV if you haven’t) feel free to go ahead and read this post, but if not, I suggest for you to click that exit button on the upper left corner of your browser so as to not spoil any of the emotions you might feel while watching the seryes.

What did I do to deserve this kind of episode on a very, very tiring Monday night? What did I do for me to be so worked up at every dialogue, action and facial expression of the characters? Why did Pangako Sa’Yo have to be that intense? Why did Mang Isko had to have an accident for Yna to cry that hard? What did I do to deserve this painful night?

Yna’s (Kathryn Bernardo) silent battle between fighting for her love for Angelo (Daniel Padilla) and her family (which of course we all know she will be choosing), the silent pleas for his father to be better made you cry like a dying whale and of course the Abangan Bukas trailer which makes you want to throw your TV out the window. You knew this serye was intense on revenge, drama and sense of responsibility but it was too much your already tired body can take. But then, you weren’t prepared for OTWOL’s onslaught of emotions.

You were ready to see Jigs punching Clark at last Friday’s Abangan sa Lunes trailer, you were dying to see Clark kissing Leah at a park, both crying and love threatening to pour out from their eyes in the form of tears. Unfortunately, you weren’t prepared for the entire episode which proved to be so far from the trailer. You were ready to cry, but you were not prepared to bawl.

When Clark said “Hit me, Leah. Hit me”, you knew tonight’s episode will shit on you (excuse the term). You know you will have to grip tissues and your stress ball at an arm’s reach. When Clark opened his apartment’s door, you knew it was cliché to fight in-front of a lot of people just to prove that you were fighting, after all, you needed an alibi for your divorce to be granted. But Clark’s words halted you from criticizing the cliché-ness of the scene.

The moment he said he regretted marrying Leah, you knew it would be downhill from that moment on. When Leah replied “I believed in you, Clark. I believed in us!”, you knew it was hard for her to say those words. You felt every word Leah spoke, because at some point in our lives, we were Leah.

At a different angle, you suddenly realized Leah was not acting for divorce. She was saying what’s truly in her heart. She makes the hugot so on-point and full-fledged spoke in Filipino just to prove her point. And that’s when she started pushing Clark away. You felt your chest tighten so much that you thought you’d stop breathing and just drop down dead, yet you were still watching the scene unfold before your very eyes.

Then you halt your ugly crying, and on comes Jigs, the very antagonist of the entire Clark x Leah OTP. You see how he punches Clark and then all you wanted to do was step on Jigs’ foot (maybe his face, too) and attend to Clark’s bruise. You wanted to get mad at Jigs and so, you went on Twitter and/or Facebook and ranted your feelings to the entire cyberspace. What you failed to see (because you were clearly seething at Jigs) is that almost everyone in your feed and timeline screams “HOW DARE YOU JIGS” in various forms. It elevates you immediately, the way everyone you seem to know gets hooked on OTWOL and you can’t help but feel that you’re not so jej after all. You’re now finally in-sync with all the other people in your timeline, voicing out their frustrations on Jigs in their own Twitter or Facebook page and you see how they all have the same feelings as you: anger, frustration, sadness and a profound sense of camaraderie with people who you thought doesn’t dare watch these seryes. Heck, you thought you were one of them, too. But OTWOL proved you otherwise.

If you are a 20-something girl watching Pangako Sa’Yo and On The Wings of Love, admit it that these seryes were the only reason your faith came back for Filipino romantic teleseryes without the mistresses and adultery ingrained at every single scene you see. You knew romantic films will finally have a comeback and you and your butt can’t wait for the next episodes, or even just the next seryes.


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