How #OTWOL Takes on A Different Path

Team JaDine and Team KathNiel. These two prominent love teams or OTPs (One True Pairing) as some would say are the primary news every Filipino youth would happen to know. Yes, sadly, they know more about them than Apolinario Mabini having Polio and having to sit throughout the entire movie of Heneral Luna. But that’s another story.

On The Wings of Love, aired every weeknight at ABS-CBN’s Primetime Serye around 9:30PM, is different than your usual teleserye. For one, the story tackles the OFW’s hardships far from the Philippines, and secondly, of course, the love story.

You might roll your eyes and keep on saying, “Love story na naman! Wala na bang iba?” But all I want to say is that this is really different. The protagonist, Leah Olivar (played by Nadine Lustre), seeks to go to San Francisco to help his dad (Joel Torre) and older sister (Bianca Manalo) to get by and to also find the grave of her deceased mother (Isay Alvarez) which is in fact, alive and kicking contrary to popular belief). She also has a boyfriend, Jigs (Albie Casino) that is every bit of arrogant, conceited and just presko all over. Although the two has been dating at the start of the serye, she breaks up with him before she goes to CA, due to his unfair reasoning of making Leah wait for his visa approval. Of course Leah, seeking to find a job right away and the fact that she is involved in a choir group, has to go first. And so, the newly single Leah, sets out to San Francisco, where she meets the mother of his ex-boyfriend, Jack or commonly known as Tita Jack (Cherry Pie Picache) and the future love of her life, Clark Medina (James Reid).

The story involves a complicated love story between Clark, Leah and Jigs as the latter and Clark are cousins. But before I talk about their love story, let’s focus on the OFW side of this serye.

Filipinos who reside in the Philippines will get to know how actual life outside the country is. There are times you will have to starve just so you can give more than half of your salary to your family and live for the remaining month off of the remaining money. Sometimes, it’s still not enough and so you get an additional job to make ends meet. You need to grow even more and be mature to everything you do. It’s tough out there, tougher than being in your own country.

Apart from having to work 2 to 3 jobs, there is still the constant heartache of not having to see your family after a day of long and hard work. The only consolation you can get is a mere 30-minute to an hour of phone or video call to your loved ones but it never satisfies the warm touch of your family.

Of course there are still people who can help you lessen the pain and that is by having friends around you. Tita Jack and Clark were Leah’s friends in CA. Although the two got off on a wrong start, it proved to be a promising journey for both of them as Leah needed an American citizenship that only Clark can give. For those who do not know, you will need to have an American citizenship for you to be able to get a job legally in the country. Working visas will work fine if there is already an American company who wants you to work for them, but if not, you’ll have to be an American citizen.

OTWOL is different in the sense that it doesn’t fail to help you realize that not everything is glitters and rainbows. It shows the vulnerability of a person and this is a test on how strong you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The love story is somehow the same with all the past and current Pinoy seryes. The bawal na pag-big plot with the only obstacle defined is by the way Jigs clings on to Leah and Tita Jack’s trust on them. Leah’s father is kept hidden in the dark for health reasons and by the looks of things, he will be able to give an earful to Leah once the truth comes to light. Although, his father will probably ease on his daughter’s love life, we can see that the only possible restraint in everybody’s relationship with each other is the trust Tita Jack imparted on both of them and Jigs’ stubborn personality.

On The Wings of Love is different, but a good kind of different. The plot is light as compared to other plots and it’s a whole new level of kilig for the Filipino youth today.


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