When Your Guy Best Friend Ignores You

You used to be close. You laughed at the same things, tolerated each other’s lame jokes, ruined each other’s hair but it was okay. Times were good and even if they were bad, they were still okay. You cried on his shoulder when happenings got bad, he cried on you when he got heartbroken, asked each other on things that seem to be missing on yourselves and questions everything why the other person left. Your best friend was your partner and you were his.

Until you needed to move along, a different chapter if you’d like. Sometimes, people get to be left on that part of the book and you get to go on a new adventure. But more often than not, it makes you feel crushed knowing you wanted your bestfriend to be there with you, only he is not.

The texts become scarce, interactions diminished at an alarming rate and suddenly, both of you forgot – forgot each other. Everything goes well, a new job, a new environment, the new chapter. He seems to be doing okay, too. He seems happier, more content and doesn’t even begin to look back at the precious moments you both endured together. He was that star shining brightly and he doesn’t seem to go down any minute.

You were left wondering what happened, was it because you found new people in your life or was it because all these feelings were just a one-sided friendship. You begin to think you were never important, you begin to think what’s worse than not trying to mend a broken relationship.

So, you messaged him one day, asking a few things you “suddenly” remembered. Like that one time his girlfriend broke up with him and you asked him how’s he doing, is he moving on fine, or is he still stuck at the emotional pain the break up caused him. He replies with a seemingly hopeful context, one that seems your conversation will finally kickstart once again. Rekindling old friendship, if you may.

But then he stops replying, and you look back on your text what did you say that made him stop. Did you seem eager, did you seem bored? What happened?

And then you let it slip for a few days.

You remembered him again and how you missed the days you were always talking to each other, seeming to have each other’s back on whatever the other has planned. So, you text him again.

He replies, another promising message from him. And then the interchange stops.

That’s when you realized he didn’t want to communicate with you, he moved on. He found better people and all the questions you wanted to throw at him which you were very eager to know the answer seemed to bounce back to you. He is doing fine, moving on fine and definitely not trying to mend a broken relationship.

You see him on Facebook, laughing with your other friends and yet you know, you can never bring back what was once lost.


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