Une, Deux, Trois: Filipino Frenching

Bored? Stuck? Simply wanting to get away from work for a while? Getting a few minutes for yourself before doing your chores? I might have just the entertainment you might need.

Have you ever thought of learning another language? Perhaps French? Oui? Oui.

Well then, I have the best teacher for the language and a good laugh if you may. I present to you, Filipino Frenching, where you will get to learn the basic French to get you through a day in France.

Of course, I’m kidding. This video is fit for those who wants to have a laugh when all the people around you is down, or you lost money to the register because you couldn’t help yourself and bought that chic blouse you saw at Forever21 or even when you just found out that your favorite dessert was eaten by your younger sibling. Yeap, this will definitely make you happy, even just for a little bit. I hope you enjoy it as I did myself and I am looking forward to using these French terms in my daily life.

But you get the joke, right?


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