A Period, Not a Comma

A period means to end a sentence and is often used in depicting the end of a paragraph or even a story. Sometimes means ending a life even, for extremities. Yet a very beautiful thing we often tend to forget is that a period is not a comma. It represents the end, yes, but also symbolizes a new sentence. A new beginning. A chance to forgo the past and start a brand new beginning.

Two years ago, when I graduated with a degree for Marketing and Advertising Management, it never occurred to me the reality that was set right in front of my eyes once I got out of the university’s campus. I once dreamt of getting an office-based job, wearing a fashionable business attire with heels clinking on the marble floor. It was good, really good, but I didn’t have that opportunity right away. I wasted months before I finally landed with my first job. I could slack off work and it gave me no desire to be a better person than I was the other day. It felt like clockwork, always the same routine and even having to do things I didn’t really want to do. I didn’t have a choice, but it gave me a good time while I was there. Better pay, better benefits. You could think I threw it all away when I “resigned” 3 months ago.

The split with the company was a difficult situation in my part. It scarred me emotionally, to be honest. I thought I couldn’t get over it seeing the damage has been done, but after a compulsary vacation (that I had long paid ) with my sister and her group of friends, it oddly felt refreshing. It felt like I was once again a student, freed from the 10-month academic responsibilities, on a summer break. It felt invigorating.

I used the vacation wisely, more than my sister’s peers could ever imagine. I let go of all the pain, the thoughts of me being broke and having to live off of my sister’s earnings (again), and just be away from the busy civilization, revelling on the idea of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (as of that moment). I had to get away and the trip had come in handy and I thanked myself for giving in to my envious self of my sister getting a vacation a few months from that day I “resigned”.

I thought of it as a chance to start over, like a period, on my past life. I chose my friends better, hung out with closer knit of friends, valued even more the time I’m currently spending with my family, made my bond with my sister stronger and even trying to focus (and find a job) to an industry I really wanted. Unfortunately, attempts were futile but we’ll get there soon, right? No need to rush, just keep on believing.

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