Complexities and Hard-Smacked Reality

People have always believed that no man is an island. That at whatever reason, occasion, or situation, you will always be accompanied by someone either you know or a new friend, acquaintance or an old lover. Yet, we always tend to forget that there are times that people would be far-off better alone, one who didn’t need companions.

Life is simple, but people always make it so complex, so complicated that even the simplest of things becomes something unintelligible and awestruck. We tend to dramatize happenings, but we also sometimes sugar-coat the truth.

But the reality is, life is simple and the human beings are the only ones complex. We complicate things and that’s just how we are.

We often times forget that there are people willing to be with us every step of the way and there are those who doesn’t even care how you cook your eggs.  Point is, there are always two sides of everything and that the cold hard truth is, people also grow out of friendship. Even if days had passed, it doesn’t matter if you talked to the person everyday or not, when the two of you meet, you will still feel that the friendship is there. And mine’s not.

I have always been the type to be the good friend, the one who is so lenient, trustworthy, loyal and faithful. Every recollection, year by year, these words have been labeled in me that I believed I was these qualities. I thought I was the best friend anyone could have, even to the point where parents could trust me. And yes, some parents did. But I realized, there is so much more to me than just being the perfect best friend. I could also have been easily fooled and I was gullible enough to believe that these people wanted a friend in me.

People taught me, even smacked me hard in the face that what I felt long ago was real; that we are drifting apart. And what’s worse is it was thrown at me in the face. But then you also realize that when time comes like this, it’s better to let go of the people who let you down, who don’t value the friendship you give them. Even if you have given a ton of advice to someone, or gave a bucket of cheers and encouragements, you will never be enough for someone who clearly looks at you as just a scapegoat. And I get it, people move on.

So why can’t I?


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