Skin Care, Still There!

I’ve never been one to take care of my skin. I even sleep with my make-up on and I’m telling you, it’s definitely not advisable. But recently, watching all those Korean dramas left me wondering; If I had only taken the time to take care of my skin, would I not have all these breakouts?

There are a lot of articles on Korean skin care around the web and most of them also have the same content. I’m not trying to write an article just like them but I’m going to share my experience and take on this skin care routine.

Growing up, I was blessed to have acne-prone skin. I had it ever since I was Grade 5 and it was really upsetting. I also had a darker face than my body and it somehow made my friends tease me on walking under the sun face up (and it’s really hilarious if you really think about it). I tried on products that said to contain salicylic acid to treat and prevent breakouts but it only made the situation worse. My face darkened even more having that “burnt” look and the pimples wouldn’t subside. I was lucky though, since the pimples on my face weren’t really that big to be called acne. But having the breakouts, you could say it was a very tough time for my self-esteem.

Years passed and I never really cared anymore, seeing as I studied in an all-girls school so being kikay wasn’t really an option for me. I was pretty much okay with having nothing on my face and letting my hair on a ponytail daily or even let my hair down (even the colors of your hair band should only be limited to black, white or navy blue and that left mo no choice but to love the dark colors). I graduated High School and College without caring extensively for my skin and that was I think one of the good things I ever did. If I had already started experimenting that early, my skin would have been a lot worse.

I came across this one brand that really got me hooked up and maybe because they were promoting with my favorite idols and then they were marketing on the idea of putting organic/natural products to your face. And so, my journey with them started.

Ever since I started using their products, I really didn’t notice if it made my skin so much better so I tried and tried (I don’t know how I came to like the idea of experiencing with my skin though). But what I do know is that when their sales lady mentioned about the salicylic properties of a certain product, I was really skeptical. I might have been really anonymous right now with the things I put on my face but I will not be revealing anything about it until I am sure with the results. But then, I can almost see the results and so, here it is. Nature Republic’s Bee Venom skin care line.


I first tried the Bee Venom Cleansing Foam and to be honest, it didn’t do much. Just when I was starting to lose hope for the product, I visited the store again and the sales lady recommended the Bee Venom Toner, Emulsion and Treatment Spot. Wow, the results were amazing! I mean I wouldn’t put it out like the breakouts completely disappeared but they were tamed. I especially took notice of this when I was on the verge of having Aunt Flo’s visiting days and back then, I had breakouts (and it signaled the start of my long and arduous journey for human sanity lol) but now, it really got tamed. And I knew I found the right ‘salicylic properties’. Thank God!

I will be doing another post as soon I complete my line (as the Emulsion, which you can see from above is just a sample product, Essence and Moisturizer are always out of stock in the stores I visit), but I hope soon enough when I try it on, it won’t contradict the pH levels of my skin. But I highly recommend this to people who doesn’t have allergies to salicylic acid and would like to tame or cure their acne-prone skin 🙂 You can ask the saleslady as they are authorized to be knowledgeable on these products (and hey, sometimes they just say the truth lol).


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