Mornings: Sometimes Yay, Sometimes Nay

I was never a fan of mornings until now.

What is it that makes you jolt up in the morning, seeming to make the new day yours and being thankful for being awake?

These are just some of the possibilities why each one of us wake up on a beautiful 6:30AM. Morning persons don’t think waking up at that early is healthy, saying they need more sleep to get through the day (i.e. me) but then we always tend to forget that no matter what time we do get up from our bed, we still have to thank God for the beautiful sun rising high up there.

I was never a morning person, and I still think I am but just seeing the sun there, shining in all its yellow light letting us bask under its morning glow is enough for me to think that probably, it’s not just me who is tired of getting out of bed early, and there are those that can’t wait to separate from their lovely mattresses to start their day right. No matter what ordeal we face in life, let us never forget that the sun brings hope to mankind and that it is a constant reminder that no matter how long and BV your day is, it will set and rise again for a new day.


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