First (Actual) Rainfall of May

It was only a few hours ago that the sun was perfectly streaming in my window and I was out for a jog when this sudden big dark gray cloud hovered above me.

Many would regard to the rainy season as the bad season, destroying crops because of heavy rain, or taking down trees and electricity lines because of the hardswishing of air but there are also those that feel the comforts hearing the soft (or in today’s case, loud) pitter-patter of the drops. I am one of those few who take solitude during the rainy season. Not because classes will be suspended or companies will advise their employees to work from home but because hearing the rain, even seeing the dark gray cloud high up there is making me feel my muse visited me. Weird, but I tend to write more ideas and become even more productive when it’s raining. Plus, it doesn’t even help that the cold weather makes me want to slip into my favorite oversized tee and shorts with matching socks.

What actually worries me more is that since today is the actual first rainfall for May and with reports, articles and news circulating around about the possibility of a 7.2-Magnitude earthquake, I’m feeling a bit anxious. I couldn’t help but see the possibility of the soil/ground moving that would create a possible large movement and, if everything is really intense, might cause casualties. The most certain thing is, these quakes will surely happen sooner or later, and I only wish that it will only bring us less to no-damage at all.


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