Babble #1: Mature, Sexy, Adult-like VS Racist, Bold, Sexy

So you might actually think I am a bit obsessing over posting here but I assure you that it’s because I have really nothing to do. And, that I was really upset of someone since she accused a person I like of being “slutty” (not her term, of course but somehow like that). Before you go and comment, hear me out, please.

How will you define this photo?


How about this one?


Do you define a photo by the way the model posed for it? Suppose the model sat on the floor, legs a bit splayed out (like in an indian sit), an oversized button down shirt on her and gaze so fierce? Now, does the photo imply a sexy, mature, adult-like and confident young woman? Yes.

Let’s say, the model has the same outfit, legs still splayed out, still wearing an oversized button down shirt, gaze is fierce but is biting her lips coated in bright red lipstick, does it now imply a racist, bold and sexy photo shoot? Yes.

I’m not saying that normal people can’t wear red lipstick (remember: there will always be a shade of red that compliments your skin tone) but there is a huge difference with posing suggestively for photos and relaying a message of I am an independent woman and I plan to take this newfound freedom to take me to places I’ve never been to and learn from past and future experiences to become a better person pose. Learn to decipher these photoshoots and not be an ignorant reader/person clearly eating everything the media is feeding you. Stop the media play.

But hey, she rocks the mature and empowered woman image. Here are some photos from her recent Marie Claire shoot:

Jessica-Marie-Claire7 Jessica-Marie-Claire4 Jessica-Marie-Claire2

Photo credits:


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