Twenty For Your Thoughts: What Scares Me?

Author’s Note: Twenty for your Thoughts is a segment in this Lifestyle blog that tackles about life, daily struggles, honest truth, ramblings and/or musings and other things that might befall that scope of topics. It is a play on the word “penny” in “penny for your thoughts” which only means “what are you thinking about?”. The ‘twenty’ represents the age of 20s where I am currently in the middle of experiencing what life has to offer in terms of obstacles and related stuff. When I turn 30, unfortunately for me, you will know because then the segment title will change to Thirty for Your Thoughts and so on and so forth.


Yesterday, my family and I were on our way to Landers to go grocery-shopping when a pedicab in front of us was struggling to pedal his way on a steep inclined road before us. My dad said how little these people earn (I know because I rode one before so I can safely assume how much they earn daily) and that these people should be the ones who needs to charge more because they exert more physical effort than people who drive vehicles/tricycles. I did agree with him, while still watching the pedicab driver struggle, and my heart crumbling down to pieces. It was a tiny reminder of what I’ve been thinking for the past few months.

That night, while I was fixing my things for the next day, I overheard one topic on TV that, again, I constantly try not to think about. It was of an elderly man, selling taho in the streets to live on a day to day basis. It’s not because he was an elderly man selling taho that I avoid thinking about, but the fact that in time, I could be like him — old and needing money to survive day by day.

Life isn’t easy, we all know that. Yet we often take for granted the things that we know we shouldn’t. Like that new shoes you bought for yourself, or that cute skirt you’ve been wanting ever since. You could’ve gotten away with not having them or, sure, these might give you a sense of entitlement, an appreciation for your hard work. But then again, when the curtains are pulled back, you have to see the necessary things in life to continue moving forward.

For a few months now, I’ve been avoiding thinking about getting old, the idea of being unable to support myself, or even the thought of working for the rest of my life. And that scares me.

There is an uncertainty that nags at the back of my head: am I in the right job/career? Did I follow my gut? Am I supposed to be in this path? How do I ensure I have all the things I might need when I stop working? Why do we have to work for the rest of our lives? Why aren’t you tired of working?

Seeing lolo in the show made me revisit my worries. Often times, whenever I see old people at the streets, I ask myself, “Hindi ba kayo napapagod sa ginagawa nyo? Hindi ba kayo natatakot na forever mo na gagawin yang ginagawa mo?” (Aren’t you tired from working hard? Aren’t you afraid that you might have to do that job forever?) And I guess, I will never know the answer to those questions until I experience them first hand.

Earlier this morning, as I was walking towards my office building, I saw a guy, probably mid-30s to mid-40s, carrying a big and heavy-looking backpack, walking in the middle of Legazpi Active Park. And it pained me so much to think that he has to endure carrying that bag and walking for hours just to deliver all the items in it (I’m assuming he’s a delivery man), and I can’t help but tear up (yes, while I was walking) because I hate myself for thinking of giving up when everyone else was fighting to survive. It was selfish of me to take things for granted. Yet, no matter how guilty I felt, I still think it’s too much for a human being to work like a third of his life.

I hate myself for thinking of giving up when everyone else was fighting to survive.

I try to live in the moment, after all I’m only 25 and our cerebral cortex, the part of our brain responsible for decision-making, hasn’t fully developed until the age 25. Technically, I can still get to make mistakes without having to pay dearly for them, right? I can blame it on my undeveloped cerebral cortex (because in my own terms lol I’m still running on my 25th year, and when I turn 26 that’s when the cortex is fully developed? IDK, whatever, but you get my drift.)

But at the end of the day, still the question of having to live in this world for 60-80 (luckily, 90 and still healthy and a bit strong for that age) years is an impossible yet possible feat every one of us will undergo. It still scares me because now I understand why Peter Pan refused to grow up and it’s enough for me to wish for my own Neverland.

So to answer that question of what scares me? I’m scared to live for a long time, without a job, trying to survive at the streets, and alone. I’m scared that the wheel of life will rid me of the things I have now, or worse, take everything and everyone away from me.

What about you? What scares you?


Ask Marga: What’s It Like To Be A Copywriter?

To be honest, I have no idea if I already have the balls to write this post, but I’m writing it anyway. LOL.

I have been a copywriter for 2 years now and I have to say there were a lot of times I really wanted to bang my head against the wall (or table, whatever’s nearer). It’s a fun job, especially if you love thinking of new ideas and/or crafting meaningful and thought-provoking words to influence people.

So for those who don’t know, what is a copywriter? Copywriters are wordsmiths and strategists. They are mostly responsible for constructing ideas, concepts and/or statements that evoke emotions and elicit reactions, all while thinking of how to lead the audience from a current mindset to a desired response. Your strategy must reflect in your writing. From thinking of a concept to the big idea, or writing a resonating tagline to an eye-catching headline, full bodied texts or short but sweet ones, copywriters are your man. Those tasks are just the tip of the iceberg. They may also write scripts for TV and radio advertisements, radio segments, radio spiels, jingles, songs, brochures, presentations, flyers, emailers, web content, and anything else that requires the 26-lettered Alphabet. You have to be able to deliver your message across several audiences through writing and actually, that’s hella hard than how it sounds.

But copywriters don’t just go Han Solo. Each copywriter is paired up with an art director (director sounds nice, right?! I mean, compared to ‘copywriter’, we sound like such an assistant to art ‘directors’ loljk). For the first few hours or days (depending on your creative juices and the lead time in-between projects) of a project, the lines between being a copywriter and an art director gets blurred because during this time is when both are equally responsible in coming up with a big idea or concept which will propel the work forward. Once every aspect has been scrutinized and the idea is a go, then will the distinction between the two jobs reappear – copywriters will think of relaying the idea through words, whereas art directors will work their magic on visualizing and balancing the overall look and feel of the material.

Obviously, I still have a long way to go, seeing as I am only a 2-year old copywriter in this industry (I started out at a not-so-different career path after graduation), and most of the time, I’m relying on my instinct rather than the principles of advertising I studied in College. But being a copywriter was something revolutionary for me.

I never once thought in my school days I would be paid to think of ideas, taglines, event concepts, launch activities, etc., even though I was a Marketing and Advertising graduate. It was a career I was sure I wasn’t gonna get into – not because I didn’t want to but because I knew I lacked the skills and experience. So getting this job was a dream come true for me.

That being said, no matter how glorious it is to live in the dream, there are still days I’d rather curl up and sleep on my bed. Being a copywriter is draining and very much fattening. I definitely gained a few kilos in my 2-year stay. Suffice to say, it’s a fulfilling job/career, figuratively and literally. You use your brain a lot so you naturally have to consume more food than you used to. It’s not a habit of mindless snacking, it’s actually quite the opposite. You have to feed yourself to literally feed your brain. That’s just how the human body works. You can’t fight it. (I’m not justifying my weight gain, believe me. It really is a fact of life.)

But when it comes down to it, I guess you can say that being a copywriter is, for lack of a better word, a blessing. Not just because it’s my dream job (it’s actually specifically not but let’s talk about that later), but because it gives you a chance to change someone else’s life? No matter how negative advertising is to someone else, there’s always a grain of truth to every word, every tagline, every image, every character that incites change. And being part of the process in creating that thought provoking material is powerful. Imagine changing people’s thoughts with just a sentence or two, right? You have the power to change people’s perception and it’s a really cool thing to do so.

Also, it’s fun to work in an ad agency and that’s a bonus point. Believe me. There’s never a dull day because you never know what kind of project you’ll be handling. Sure, there’ll be days when all you do for a whole day is scroll down through Facebook but there’ll also be days where work won’t just end and overtime would probably be your best friend. Doing overtime work isn’t also that much of a drag because you spend your overtime with a team! Overnights would most probably be in the picture as well, but again, it’s with the team.

But at the end of the day, being a copywriter is like writing a wonderful, adventurous and amazing book — only you don’t get to finish it (because being a copywriter is actually a never-ending job).

Why Queer Eye Is A Good Judge of Character

Making our lives fabulous is the second season of the famous reboot “Queer Eye” with a little special edit of including one important detail of this show’s importance in their title: More than a Makeover.

This season, in my humble but personal opinion, was a whole lot better than the first season. Not to discredit the amazing life-changing moments the Fab 5 did with season 1, but this year was uh-mazing at its super duper finest.


What amazed me, and undoubtedly repeatedly made me slack-jaw was how each and every one of the Fab 5 knew exactly what they were doing. They were experts in their field and that was something I was very inspired to look up to. Jonathan sasses his way to every bit of grooming (which I might say is definitely contagious — I am kind of writing this in a diva-ish tone), Tan gives one of the best and most practical fashion advice, Karamo connects deeply to everyone (and I mean EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.), Antoni fulfills the appetite for new and/or basic dishes and Bobby redesigns and renovates lives.

It’s an inspiration, or a beacon of hope so to speak, to see 5 wonderful independent and creative individuals making a mark and changing lives. It’s a motivation to become the best version of yourself every single day, and put your best foot forward. It is what they say the irony of entrusting our lives to “a bunch of gay guys”.


The fact is, this TV show actually shows a lot about the LGBTQ community. It’s debunking myths about the gays, it’s showing the world what a person can do and not what gays can do. It’s showing your own potential without judging what and who you are. It’s letting you get to know them and how they play in their respective fields. It’s showing us that there is more to them than meets the ‘queer’ eye.

If you haven’t watched this show, oh dear, why not? You should really start to binge-watch ‘coz Jonathan won’t be too happy with your #lameexcuses.


*all photos ctto*

Reign The Finale: “All it Cost Her” – Surreal yet So Real

It took me almost a week to finally have the strength to write about Reign’s finale. It broke my heart so much I didn’t want to believe it finally ended.

Personally, I still think the ending seemed rushed. There were a lot of questions left unanswered, or facts monarchy fans anticipated to be shown such as the Anglo-Spanish War, Charles’ wedding to Marie Elisabeth (real-life wife), whatever happened to Catherine, Bothwell and Mary’s wedding and most importantly, the events that led to Mary’s beheading.

But the real cherry on top was how, despite the rather depressing tragic ending of this history, the writers gave us a little bit of the “fiction” in historical fiction.

============================SPOILERS AHEAD=============================

We don’t really know for sure how Mary’s life started on the other side but seeing her being awakened in bed, with Francis (YES I KNOW FRANCIS IT GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS AND I LITERALLY CRIED) beside her, it was, in a way, a good way to end the series.

I don’t know ’bout you but the way Francis stared at Mary’s eyes, their gentle nose-to-nose gesture, and how Francis seemed to have never changed (his love for Mary), it was surreal yet so real. I felt how genuine their love is for one another and that after everything that has happened, in the end, it’s still the two of them together.

To make us feel the love and warmth of the finale, the writers decided to reward us by using a lovely song by The Lumineers – My Eyes. Now, every time I hear it on my playlist, I couldn’t help but associate it with Mary and Francis’ love story and the tears just won’t stop.

As the song continues to play, the remaining minutes take us into Mary’s pivotal moments in her life: the dance where Francis first fell in love with her, their wedding, coronation, taking back Scotland, her baby James, and so much more. It was nostalgic, to say the least. You can’t imagine how tragic Mary’s life was yet they somehow made it as if it was, in a way, a happy ending. And I’m grateful for that.

At first, when rumors went rampant that we could be seeing Francis in the last episode I was ecstatic. I had a theory that during Mary’s beheading (like the middle of the 1st and 2nd blow), she would be hallucinating that Francis’ was there (since the actual beheading had 3 blows before Mary’s head totally separated from her body). Now, I’m actually thankful that they made it like that.

If you haven’t watched the series finale, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life and not watching it. Seriously, just go and see for yourself.

Hidden But Never Forgotten

The search for every nook and cranny at Makati Cinema Square has been halted. It’s official: Bebop Records has been found.

For a long time now, I have been looking for shops that sell old vinyl records near my location. As it is, there were a lot scattered all over the country but luck was on my side as I came across this tiny shop all the way at the bottom of Makati Cinema Square (MCS).

Truth was, as I was searching for record stores, I already knew there was one in MCS, I just didn’t know where exactly it was located. But finally, the search is over, I finally found it!

When they said Bebop Records have almost anything and everything, I was hesitant to believe it. But as I was browsing old vinyl records, I did realize ‘Wow, they really do have one of the widest collections’. It was a feat trying to find cheap but definitely authentic vinyl records, and I wasn’t able to do so but the next time I visit, I’ll definitely ask.

From Aerosmith to Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder to Ramones and even our very own Dina Bonnevie and Sharon Cuneta, it was an overwhelming sight, partnered with the old musky smell of antique and mild dust covering the entire place, but it was worth the visit. I might have had mild allergies (I’m a liiiiiiitle bit allergic to dust) but the happiness upon seeing actual vintage goods was priceless and memorable enough for me to ignore my small sniffles.

They’re also kind enough to play the records you found, using awesome turntables (who might not be vintage but still, it’s a turntable!). I was lucky enough to experience a playing one (the other customer was a regular and so the shopkeeper joked around them saying to play whatever they were supposed to be buying) during my visit since I was too shy to ask them to play mine (I was carrying a Stevie Wonder: Hotter than July record).

My visit wasn’t entirely that long since my lunch break was almost over and I had to go back to work. Also, I didn’t bring enough cash with me but when I come back, I’d definitely spend a lot, knowing there’s a legit record store near my working place.

The only problem I now have to face is find a perfectly working turntable (whether Crosley or Audio Technica, or even an authentic vintage one) that is not that pricey, which is probably an impossible feat.


Riverdale: Fashionably Mysterious

Riverdale, a Netflix series based loosely on the characters of Archie comics but far from how the comics were written, took the storm the first week it aired. I, for one, honestly did not watch the series right away like everyone else’s but this long weekend gave me time to catch up on its episodes. So, yeah, I’m proud to say that I am pretty much updated with what’s happening.

I was planning to watch Riverdale soon as I learned Cole Sprouse was gonna be in it. But, I don’t have the perfect excuse why I did not. Anyway, past is past and here I am about to review some parts of Riverdale’s Season 1 and, come on, the main thing: Veronica Lodge’s character and her chic and classic style. This post is mainly about my personal thoughts and opinions though, so it’s predominantly “no-one-asked-for-it” type.

Season 1 was basically trying to wrap everyone’s head around the mystery that is Jason Blossom’s murder. Several people have been named as prime suspects and doors are still getting opened to numerous plots. I, for one, do like this kind of shenanigan, but at the back of my head, I couldn’t help but compare it to Pretty Little Liars. The murder, the mystery, who killed Jason, who plotted against who, yada yada. It does suck you in, however. No matter how much roller coaster these types of series are, or how dark and annoying it could get because it always has the same cycle over and over again, you still get reeled in it. But for real though, who killed Jason? I have a few guesses, but I ain’t tellin’ you (’cause this isn’t Reddit lmao).

But Riverdale is damn one heck of a ride. I want to talk about the love stories (let’s leave the dark side later or on a different blog post). When Betty Cooper broke down while listening to Archie Andrews’ recent song, I found myself feeling every bit of her emotion. It felt I was her at that moment and it didn’t even help I feel like I’m more of a Betty than a Veronica (which I absolutely hate coz I loooooooove Veronica to bits. She can be such a snarky bitch y’know). All my life, everyone around me always said I was the nice girl, the goody two shoes who followed the rules. And when I do start acting out of their perception, they see it and they panic a little inside, thinking that I’m on some kind of a rebel stage. Which I’m not. I simply like to twist some stuff instead of being plain old and boring. And that’s what I see with Betty. Even her issues (balling up her fists and nails digging her skin and making her bleed — I don’t bleed though so you can all chill haha), I relate to Betty on a whole level. What made me really feel one with her was that moment, seeing her break down in front of Archie made me look back on the times I almost broke down in front of someone special.

The transition from her love interest with Archie took such a speeding train that one minute she’s still hurting for Archie and the next she’s sucking faces with Jughead. I don’t mind though, it only says that the series ain’t focusing on love but other stuff, too. But when Jughead kissed Betty, I instantly felt all kinds of butterflies in my stomach. I can’t say the same for Veronica and Archie though. My mind can’t wrap around the fact that Veronica and Archie is a thing. Wasn’t it supposed to be a Betty and Archie thing? Again, I loooooove Veronica but I don’t know why I can’t seem to approve of their relationship.

But when all is said and done, can we now please talk about Veronica Lodge’s sense of style? Like that girl is trés chic! I love that girl so much! She’s snarky, she’s bitchy and she has uber sense of style, come on! The girl is a triple threat! Her attitude is a go-getter, one that I myself aspire to and she’s such a strong female character in the series. Betty is a strong character in her own right (taking the lead on the Jason Blossom case with Jughead) but relating to Veronica is a whole new level. I should be more like her (I have the wardrobe to look the part anyway). And I guess, I’m starting a bit to be like her, I’m snarky and bitchy when I have to be. After all, you always have two sides of the story. I can be both Betty and Veronica.

With that said, I can’t wait for the last two episodes of Riverdale and if we are ever gonna know who killed Jason (and get more fashionspiration from Veronica).

Unnamed Song for You, Me, Whoever

It was the moment I watched Sing Street that I decided to try my hand in writing songs. Again. The last time I tried writing a song, without a deadline at my head, was years ago. I couldn’t remember when it was exactly, but it was around 2015 at most, I guess? I wanted to get a job at a music house, or what do you even call it, an audio production house? Anyway, I thought I had given up on it. Turns out, it was just kept at bay.


So, I had my idle time at work a few days/weeks ago, which was rare, but that was after watching Sing Street that I decided to write again. And this time, it was a song for me. I wrote it for myself, but sung by someone who would be my other half. In the future, if there’s one. LOL. I mean, just how I’d imagine he’d write it… There’s no music, just lyrical poetry I decided to try my hand in (because that’s basically what I’ve been doing recently, trying on everything I can think of which, I can be proud of saying, is not just a fad for me. Whatever. On to the lyrics. LOL.)



She looked out of place,

With her friends struttin’ in the place,

She looked like she’s havin’ fun

With her friends laughin’ under the sun


She doesn’t fit in

She’s meant to stand out

Different from the world she’s livin’

Baby, I got you figured out


*Take my hand, fly to the moon

Just listen to the tune

Hear me sing, hear me now

Hear the love I’m giving you now


When you looked me in the eye,

I know in my heart I can’t deny,

All the feelings deep within,

Rushin’ back up, escapin’


So take my hand, fly to the moon

Just listen to the tune

Hear me sing, hear me now

Hear the love I’m giving you now


Oh, let me hold you tight

In every sky, through the night

I wish you’d call my name

In this never-ending game


Repeat *


Baby, your light will never fade away.


I’m not a lyricist and I don’t know the proper structure of song-writing, but please, this is the only thing I’m good at (writing). Don’t take it away from me. In simple terms, please do not plagiarize. Thank you 🙂